Email Safety

Pupil protection against sexual predators and bullying

Primary Email offers an email service for staff and pupils at primary schools across the UK. We actively monitor for profanity and other keywords (whether disguised or in plain text) that are associated with sexual predator behaviour, grooming, abuse and bullying. We also offer the ability to restrict pupil access to internal emails only.

Acceptable Use Policy

The following statement should be included in your school’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (edit as required!)

Students may only use their approved e-mail account/s on the school network during school time.

Students shall immediately report any offensive e-mails that they receive to (contact details of appropriate teacher, officer or IT Coordinator here).

Access in school to external, Web-based, personal e-mail accounts is denied for network security reasons.

It is forbidden to distribute chain letters or to forward a message without the prior permission of the sender.

Students must read their e-mails regularly and remove superfluous e-mails from the server.

Students may not reveal their own or other people’s personal details, such as addresses or telephone numbers or arrange to meet someone outside school via the school network.

Sending and receiving e-mail attachments is subject to permission from the teacher.