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QCA Unit 3E Teaching Resources

Teaching Unit 3E: The McWizard lesson plan can be used by any school and any email address.

Unit 3E Lesson plans
Unit 3E Slideshow to accompany lesson plans
Unit 3E Marking sheet

Teaching with Email

With the teaching resources above, pupils learn about the range and efficiency of various communication methods and can experience how email works.

Further Information

Our lesson plans for Unit 3E are available as a PDF download and may be reproduced and distributed for teaching purposes.

Any school can use the McWizard games in the lesson plans.

Topics include: exchanging and sharing information, methods of communication through the ages (slideshow also available to download), current methods of communication and sending & receiving email.

Children should achieve an understanding of the development of communication methods, with a focus on using email to communicate over distances.

Most children should develop skills to login, compose, send, read and reply to email. These skills can be extended to include attaching files to emails and using the address book.


Launch Game: Save the Wizard!

Save the wizard is our interactive game to help pupils send email, write a subject, download an image and send it as an attachment. The game meets all QCA requirements for Unit 3E and is a fun way for pupils to learn the basics.

Instructions for saving the wizard
  1. Send an email to wizard@primaryemail.co.uk with the subject: Magic Chest
  2. Successful emails will receive an instant reply, pointing pupils to McWizard’s Magic Wand
  3. Pupils must then attach the Wizard’s magic wand to an email
  4. If successful, pupils will receive another reply pointing them to a thankful McWizard!